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Simple Cheap and Affordable Buddhist Funeral Services Package In Singapore | Singapore Funeral Alliance

Simple Economic Buddhist Funeral Service Package

Simple Economic Buddhist funeral package is priced at $4800 for 3 days funeral wake. The simple funeral package is specially crafted by our team to support you during these tough times caused by the pandemic. It covers all essential services including a cremation casket, embalming, monk chanting and other funeral supplies.

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Casket & Embalming

  • Collection of Deceased

  • Professional Embalming & Make-up Service

  • Casket - Standard Half Glass Cremation Casket

  • Pillow, Inner Blanket & Pearl

  • Booking of Cremation Slot

Tentage Setup

  • ​Tentage : Surrounding Casket, Grand Curtains & Carpet 

  • Round & Square Tables

  • Chairs

  • Fans

  • Lightings

  • Reception Table, Safe box & Condolence book

Simple Buddhist Memorial Setup

  • Dignified Buddhist Memorial Setup

  • Dignified Buddhist Chanting Altar

  • Fresh Floral Arrangements

  • Photo Enlargement & Photoshopping (if necessary) Services

  • Daily Visit by our team to provide guidance

Ceremonial Supplies

  • Incense & other standard Ceremonial Joss items

  • Buddhist Ceremony Prayer items

  • Offerings for placing into Casket

Buddhist Ceremonial Service

  • Encoffin with Funeral Prayers (1 Monk)

  • 3 Session Chanting Services (Final Night of Wake)

  • Fruits and Food Offerings

Funeral Procession Service

  • Funeral Hearse

  • Pallbearers in Full Suit for Dignified Send-off

  • Appreciation gifts for guest (40 pcs)

  • 45-Seater Air Conditioned Bus

Post Funeral Care Service

  • Floral Water Setup

  • House Blessing & Tablet Placement Chanting

  • Ash Collection Service (inclusive of Ash Collection supplies)

  • Post Funeral Advise by our Team (49, 100 Days & Yearly Prayer)

Nett Pricing for the Services Listed Above

​3 Days Simple Economic Buddhist HDB Package $4800

Consignment Items / Optional Add On Services / Customise Items

Mobile Toilet, Fridge, Packet Drinks, Tidbits, Red Tread
Funeral Attire, White Socks, Straw Mats (Consignment due to varying family sizes)

Cremation / Burial fees, Niche / Tablet Pedestal / Columbarium / Cemetery / Grave Construction Charges

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